Collection of watches had been designed in order to create a well-thought brand extension of Apple. The purpose was to form the products as to fit Apple's well-developed brand image while avoiding to create something predictable or generic.

For the collection, four wristwatches had been designed. They all embrace the design identity and codes of Apple. "Flat", "Cuff" and "Roll" introduce a unique display. Display hidden under the surface reflects illuminated digits through the aluminium or rubber surface to show the time, as the surface material is thinner above the display in order to create a precise reflection. This feature reflects Apple's production and design element in MacBooks. What makes "analogue" special is its clock hands which are connected to the outer frames instead of placing in centre. Each piece in the collection serves as a bold fashion accessory.


The objective was not to create an iwatch for Apple's product range. The desired outcome was to design a wristwatch collection which celebrates Apple's technical and production competency with the combination of elegance and finesse.