Umbra is a fully packable parasol which is designed collaboratively with CittaSlow town Seferihisar. One of the major purposes of CittaSlow movement is to increase the consumption of local goods as SlowFood understanding. However, after doing research, it has been discovered that as a result of the availability of the supermarket chains in rural areas, bazaar/street market experience is almost disappearing. Since the market chains are steady and neat, local people have started to reject the shop in local bazaar due to instability and changing weather conditions.  As a consequence, Umbra is designed to combine the vivid characteristic of town and residents.

The objective was to enhance the bazaar experience by reorganizing the local bazaar and providing easy usage of the parasol to salespeople. Within the collaborative project with town hall and fellows as a chosen brief of bazaar activity, complementary products were generated beside Umbra to restructure the experience.