CSM WIRE is an education service proposal in the thought of “how design education might be or should be changed in 10 years time”.  As a consequence of the brief and the idea, future design scenario has been formed. For the Master in Industrial Design program in 2025, education program; CSM WIRE had been created.

It has been forecasted that the 2nd quarter of the 21st century will be the time of artificial technology, virtual communication and speedy transportation. As it was scripted for scenario, by the year of 2025, we would be able to witness the monopolised structure of government; more socialised and uplifted awareness of individuals; more global more diverse world without frontiers. In such world, education could not be a survival kit any longer. It would become more distinct for students for leading in their areas by experiencing the new.

CSM WIRE is a multi-cultural, multi-environmental, distributive education experience which generates a network between companies, educational institutions, workshops and exhibitions. Students in the program would able to learn and expertise different fields in wherever they want / wherever suits to their aspirations by becoming their own curriculum makers. Service creates a network which equally beneficial for companies and institutions as well, regarding research prospect and its intelligence transfer collaboration.


To narrate the service proposal of 2025 MA ID education, relevant service design tools were implemented. Service Blueprint is used to demonstrate the actions and relations between users. Digital interaction props help the viewer to relate to the future scenario. Through the process, customer journey maps and mindmaps were applied to identify the present service, touchpoints and opportunities.